The club table is available in two sizes: small...

...and large

The dimensions: small club table (55 x 50 x 30 cm) and large club table (55 x 80 x 30 cm)

The club table is available in a range of four colours: Beige Nr. 10, red-brown Nr. 13, brown Nr. 11 and black Nr. 12.


The elegant side table CLUB is available in a length of 50 cm and 80 cm. The tabletop is a sturdy metal plate covered with leather. The frame is made either of chromed metal or inox. The leather cover is available in four colors and has an ornamental seam along the edge. The leather cover is robust and glasses and plates can be put on it.In the larger version with a length of 80 cm, the table fits perfectly as a coffee table for the sofa. 

The smaller version of the table with its length of 50 cm can be used for both a coffee table for the sofa as well as an elegant bedside table for the bed.

Dimensions: height: 55 cm, length 50 or 80 cm, width 30 cm.