The frame inserts are made of many layers of glued, flexible beech wood on pull-out rails made of strong metal to guarantee stability and durability. The black cover on the rails can be rotated to protect the fabric.

There is a lever on the inside in the middle of the SINGOLO. One tug and the under-bed storage drawer pulls out effortlessly, measuring 10 x 70 x 176 cm.

On the DOPPIO and HOCKER, the opening lever is located on the underside, in the middle of the front. If the sprung section is pulled out, the sticker showing the installation instructions for the bed are visible.

All fabric and leather covers are removable and can be dry-cleaned. They are attached using a strong hook and Velcro fastener.

The multi-layer foam mattress has reinforcement on the seat side for comfortable sitting. The surface profile on the sleep side supports the body perfectly.


Attention to detail!

BED for LIVING is produced in Switzerland. «Made in Switzerland» stands for quality and and longevity. 

With a durable metal frame and pull-out rails of a Swiss specialist all BED for LIVING products are created for a long life.

The unique BED for LIVING sleeping comfort is granted by our cooperation with BICO, the Swiss market leader for high quality matresses.